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The Pole Circus 

International virtual inclusive showcase/competition all apparatus accepted (this is a circus after all) 

We have an edited and unedited division. Edited, Meaning you can use filter and cuts for your performance.
Our last event had over 28 countries represented and we cross continents with our judges alone.

We had a total of 48 performances all together with showcase and competitors. 

Our mission is to unit all within the industry. To create a safe platform where we can all celebrate our art.
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The Pole PT
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             The Pole PT 
Offers ebooks, physical books
Build your own stregth and training program for pole with ultimate science based guide for trainging with pole. Through the conditioning and strengthening virtual courses.
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                Pixie Grip
Pixie Grip is a grip used by famous pole dancers and created by Jackie Amendola 
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