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               The Pole Circus

Our website has been translate in over 9 languages hosting performers from all across the globe such as Maylasia, America, Hong Kong, Thailand, Iran, New Zealand, France, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, France, Mexico and more…

Previous Events:

  • Virtual International Pole Camp April 2nd & 3rd 2022

  • Yoko

  • Jordan Kensley

  • Jax Spencer


  • Pole Dance 4 Ukraine April 23rd, 22

  • We raised $500 to help those in Ukraine and we donated it to Red Cross in Ukraine


  • Valentine Show February 2022

  • Cohost: Colleen Jolly Amy the Pole Comedian Skittles and Estefjimpa

  • Halloween 10/23/21 was our first event. Our judges were on multiple continents. It was a 4hr event with cohost, Jax Spencer, Deb Roach and Johanna Sapakie.

  • Events we are a part of:

  • Pole Con 2022 Atlanta Georgia

  • Para Pole Showcase 

  • Pole ConVirtual 2021

Previous JUDGES

Johanna Sapakie

image0 (6).jpeg


As a woman with a disability, Deb Roach was not always comfortable in her own skin. Then, in 2008, pole changed her life forever. Today, Deb is 3 times ultimate Pole champion and owner of Stargazer Studios in Sydney, Australia, where she teaches Pole, yoga, pilates and barre.

Johanna Sapakie is an accomplished Artistic Director,Choreographer and Performer. Most recently, Johanna hasbeen involved in many projects on stage and on cameraincluding the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show, Hustlers andMedicine with JLo, Cirque Du Soleil's Michael Jackson ONEand Viva ELVIS, Dancing With the Stars, Johanna also proudly teachesmaster classes and workshops around the world in pole,aerial acrobatics and dance.

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Maddie Sparkle is a Sydney-based internationally-renowned pole performer, entertainer, judge, and instructor. Maddie co-owns the Pole Dance Academy with her sister Michelle Shimmy. 

Maddie is currently ranked one of Australia's top 5 pole dancers by APDM 2016/17



JBall began her pole journey in December 2015. Bored with the gym and six months postpartum, she found a new love in fitness and movement through pole dance. She is co-owner of Pole Body & Arts in Charlotte, NC and has competed and judged in multiple pole competitions, performed in many local showcases and loves to promote body positivity and self -love within the pole community.


image0 (4).jpeg

Jax Spencer is a self-taught pole dancer and is the owner & Master Instructor of The Pole Academy in Greenville, South Carolina. This summer she will have been pole dancing for 14 years!

She found pole happily by accident and has been involved with teaching, performing, judging and traveling ever since!  She is known for her freestyle flow, slinky transitions and her love of splits.  



China's Pole World champion. Coco Kehong is know as China's most beautiful dancer. Owner of Coco K Academy Shanghai. He started with no background in dance. He became champion during his third year of practicing pole dance. And he became the worldwide champion in 2016.amazing IPSAF pole sport world champion 2017. He created many of his own signature tricks. And his combos are quite different than others dancers with more control.



Gemma Lux is an award winning Showgirl & Pole Dancer/Instructor from Florida, USA. She dazzles audiences from all over the world with her polished and flirty style of Classique Pole. Gemma embraces the sexy side of pole dance, and shines on stage as she is a well-seasoned performer. She lives the showgirl life! She enjoys helping people reach their goals, find their sexy, and strives to inspire and enrich lives all over the world

image0 (7).jpeg


Cherrie Gor, a pole dancer from Hong Kong who is renowned for her artistic pole style and unique choreography emphasising fluid flow, musicality and emotional touch, started her journey in 2015. Her passion brought her in multiple renowned occasions to compete, showcase and perform, which gradually grow her into the style today. She is now sharing her art by teaching at Training Ground, contributing for the school’s focus on feminine style.



Jessa Jaguar is an award-winning and nationally ranked professional pole dancer with the US Pole Dance Federation. She carved a niche for herself as a multi-talented dancer and performer, best known for her lines and flexibility! Jessa Jaguar has won multiple pole competitions and performed across the United States. Even her booty won its own award!


Ashley Kraemer

Ashley Kraemer is 29 years old with a spunky 7 year old son! She has been poling 7 years now and dont see a stop in sight! She has taught for two studios and competed for Florida’s pole championship! She says she love everything about pole and aerials in how you can express your self and work out inner demons! It’s her therapy! Pole has helped her feel like a bad ass goddess!! Keep calm and pole on ladies!!



Jackie Amendola studio owner/ pole, fitness instructor/competitor & member of the National Physique Committee , has been in the fitness industry for over 18 years personal training and teaching group fitness. She was Exotic Dancer magazines world sexiest showgirl 2000 and recently taking Most Artistic award in the Florida Pole Fitness Championship, and placed 2nd in Southern Pole Championships 2013.

IMG_0883 2.JPG

Veronica Chou

Veronica is a certified online fitness coach and a pole dance instructor. She’s currently based in NYC/NJ. Her mission is to empower women by building their confidence through pole inspired training.
With extensive training in jazz, hip hop and other street styles since 2009, Veronica has over ten years of dance teaching experience. She’s been a professional performer appearing in TV shows, music videos and movies in Taiwan, where she grew up. She discovered pole dancing in 2012 and fell in love with its perfect combination of sensuality, elegance, and power. Because she’s a fan of building a natural feminine physique while gaining strength and flexibility, she then started to cross train with weight and mobility training. 
Since the outbreak of Covid-19, she’s made it a life goal to help more people get healthy and fit through online and in-person fitness training. She specializes in helping women get lean curves and body mobility with resistance training and plant-based lifestyle.

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