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The Pole Circus Uncensored
Next show
Naughty Valentine - Saturday Feb. 12th 2022

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Naughty Valentine
Feb 12, 3:00 PM EST
Online Virtual Competition

Click on the following link to view the live event.  Saturday Feb. 12th 2022 at 3:00 PM EST | $10.00 USD

The Pole Circus

is an all inclusive virtual International Showcase

& a separate Competition division

uniting performers all across the GLOBE!!

With world renown judges on different continents

all coming together to celebrate the love of our community

All things aerial and pole. 

PRE-RECORDED performances, Not  a live event

About the event

The Pole Circus is happy to present to you our next and highly requested show, Naughty Valentine!

We threw caution to the wind with this one. Almost anything goes. We do have to enforce a few rules though.

Rules: No Nudity, 18 + only. That's it!


Full back, pasties, thongs/G-string, lingerie etc.. all are accepted. You get the idea. Just make sure to keep things covered. 

Your piece can be whatever theme you would like. We are just calling it Naughty Valentine because it airs in February. Once again, any and all themes are accepted. 

Prizes for Naughty Valentine competition

Ultimate Winner: X-Pole 

First place in each division: Gift card for Twisted Movement

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Help us keep The Pole Circus Going!

Contrary to popular belief virtual shows/competitions take a lot of time and money.


*We volunteer to answer questions, & make The Pole Circus Frame etc.

*We have ‘It support’ to help with technical problems

*Hired Graphic designer

*paid promoting to get the word out

*paid website charges & fees

Any donation helps, everything adds up. 

Thank you

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Jordan Kensley is a California-based pole dancer and instructor. has become a resident instructor at the world famous studios: Aeriform Arts, BeSpunLA, Cleo's Rock'n'Pole, IndiPoleApp Tutorials, Liquid Motion Tutorials, Luscious Maven, The Studio LA, and The Vertitude. She has also taken and passed numerous teacher certifications  Jordan is certified Structural Integration and has opened Head To Heel, her own body+movement business, in Los Angeles to help better align her clients body within gravity



Derick Pierson

Derick Pierson is a physical therapist assistant and personal trainer to the stars like Serna Williams, and he travels the world training her. He is a 16 time national and international championship title. A performer of 16 years, He is an avid pole dancer as well as aerialist. He is known for his strength and flexy moves. 


In the world of Pole and Aerial Arts, Allison is considered a pioneer and industry leader. Allison’s extensive professional dance and National Jr. Olympic gymnastics background gives her insight into being an accomplished coach, judge and choreographer. Since 2005, Allison has maintained a performance, competition and event producing career as well as an in-demand coaching and consulting business.  As an event producer, she created the Florida Pole Fitness Championship – Florida’s longest running, elite pole and aerial championship (since 2012), The Florida Aerial Arts Showcase, Dance Filthy USA (a franchise from Australia since 2016), and has co-produced the US Pole Sports Federation Championships (2015-2018), and the Pole Sport Organization Southeast and National Championships (since 2014).


Screenshot_20211105-192114_Instagram (1).jpg


Started pole dancing in 2000 as an adult entertainer and then started teaching pole in studios in 2008. Shortly after I decided to expand my practice into the aerial arts. Thought I would never like aerial hoop and ended up liking it the most. Now I teach it and perform it all over the world. Squeak is known as The Aerial Nerd she loves pole dancing booty shaking, mana tapping and fun. She's the owner of Awakening Pole and Aerial NOLA. She is also the brand ambassador for OKsa polewear. 

Skittles PolePromo2020c.jpeg


Skittles’ passion is performing and bringing out the best of others. 


With over 10 years of pole experience; Skittles has competed, judged, performed, and traveled teaching workshops. 


Skittles is currently based in Colorado where she is an instructor at studios in Colorado Springs, Denver, and teaches virtual private lessons Online.




Emily has been poling for several years now and is a ambassador for pole active. She Teaches at dollhouse and is a part of the instructors at Cleo rock n Pole. 

Rebecca is originally from  Atlanta and moved to Los Angeles. She is   an instructor in the famous 
@bespun pole studio in Hollywood CA. She is also a Designer. 



Nadia Sharif


Nadia Sharif is the original creator of Twisted Movement, which actually began as a movement intensive, but has since grown into the wearable art you see today. Edgy, bold and versatile pieces - all made by hand in Los Angeles.


Future visions for Twisted Movement include being an example of a socialist business structure designed to destroy the patriarchy, racism and the current status quo. May we rise up and revolt against the system that keeps us imprisoned with every step we take.


Has traveled around the globe teaching pole to Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Paris, Russia, Switzerland. 

She is an old school style pole dancer and choreographer. She specializes in leg movement connoisseur. 

Estefania Jimenez


The Pole Comedian

Hailing from New Zealand, Amy aka "The Pole Comedian" is an American born but Kiwi residing Pole Dancer. With over 8 years of experience in performing, teaching, and judging, she loves to shake her butt and make people laugh. Some of her accolades include being a contestant on America's Got Talent Season 12, Curator and Featured Performer for the International Pole Convention Comedy Showcase, Pole Inferno 2021 Open Division 2nd Runner Up, and the 2019 North American Showgirl Grand Champion & Stage Rockstar. She is a POSA certified International Judge, Certified Personal Trainer, and Trex Extraordinaire. Watch out world, the Pole Comedian is coming and she's got her clown nose on. Check her out on IG @ThePoleComedian. 

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Twisted Movement


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Mel was born and raised in Canada and has trained extensively in aerial acrobatics, partner acrobatics, pole dance, yoga, dance, gymnastics, and general fitness. Having trained and performed worldwide, Mel is now primarily based in the Middle East where she teaches and performs, and is dedicated to building a growing acrobatic community

Colleen has 10 years’ experience in the fitness industry as trainer, coach, teacher, performer, and award-winning competitor. She is certified as a personal trainer; pole dance, yoga, mobility, floorwork, TRX, and lyra instructor in the DC-metro area and online. Currently she owns and manages the International Pole Convention.