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Naughty Valentine's Rules

The Pole Circus International LIVE showcase & competition

Ultimate WINNERS get Xpole

You can pick ANY THEME for your piece it does not have to be specifically Circus themed.


The only competition of its kind. We are more focused on THEME, and or CHARACTER.

The best "SHOW" is the winner.


Cheeky pole bottoms allowed

 thongs, gstrings, stripping no private parts showing


Once again an all inclusive competition Lyra, silks and pole provided by event lcoation

 Including by not limited too; Floorwork, hula hoop etc.

You also do not NEED an apparatus to compete if you would like to do solely floorwork you can compete as well for example.


The showcase division is just a platform for you to perform

you will not be judged, you will not get a scoresheet so you do not qualify for the prizes.

Is open to all levels, professional and amateur

if you simply would like a platform to display your work and do not wish to be judges this is for you. 

4min time limit

Professional Division 

This is for those who wish to do advanced tricks and or flips.

This is also for those who own a studio,


or are hired to perform at events,

or have a pro card from another competition.

Example of Pro advanced Pole tricks; bird of paradise, spatchcock, IronX and more.

Intermediate Division

Not quit a beginner but not yet a pro? This divisions for you. No advanced tricks allowed like flips, kips.

Amateur Division

This level is for those who have never competed before, beginner intermediate levels. 


All inclusive competition

We would like all to join, any background nationality gender preference or sexual orientation.



First place winners in each division get Sponsored prizes

All winners get a metal.

2nd and 3rd place get a Metals

Ultimate winners is voted by audience and gets an X-pole 

Multiple judges with judging experience.

Judges will not be allowed to judge someone from there own studio or that might cause a conflict of interested in any way shape or form to make judging this competition to make it fair. No1 will judge a student from their studio another person will judge if its a tie breaker between 2 competitors for example. Will be judged on performance and stage presence.

No nudity, if we see your special bits its too much.

We are allowing full backs exposed, but that doesn't include the bum area.



















Performance Time limit

3:30minutes max

Deadline for sign ups

is Jan 23rd at midnight EST. 


One Lyra

One Silk 

StageSize 15 by 10 Rectangle 

One 45mm spinner pole

Updated scoresheet screenshot.png
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