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The Pole Circus 🎪6th Show

International inclusive Showcase & competition

Our virtual last event had over 28 countries represented and we cross continents with our judges alone. We had a total of 48 performances all together with showcase and competitors. 

Our events are scored heavily on performance, we encourage props, full face costume makeup, costumes/outfits etc. 

Our mission is to unit all within the industry. To create a safe platform where we can all celebrate our art.

Home Studio : Girl Next Door Fitness

Halloween 2024
Halloween 2024
Oct 19, 2024, 3:00 PM EDT

Our Sponsors

Girl Next Door Fitness

Girl Next Door Fitness is the home studio for The Pole Circus in South Florida, Boca Raton. It is a boutique style Pole Studio. It has its own selife station and 2 full walls of mirrors. Come Learn from award winning Pole dance instructors at Girl Next Door Fitness.


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The Pole PT

Mission is to help pole dancers get hella strong. Through spreading knowledge and awareness science based pole specific strength and conditioning through online and inprint content.

Meet Your Judges


Redd Light


Artist Mentor, &CEO @reddlighttherapy Mentorship, classes @ patreon Tutorials co-founder of @fcktheshadowban


Stephaine Quinn

Steph's passion for pole dancing began in 2012, when she found herself at a crossroads in life. Since then, she has not only become an accomplished pole dancer herself, but also the proud owner of @addictivepolefitness studios in Australia. As the host of the pole dancing podcast @uncovered.pd, Steph has become a respected voice in the pole dancing community, sharing her insights and experiences with fellow enthusiasts. Her love for the sport has not only transformed her own life but has also given her the opportunity to empower and inspire others through her teaching and leadership. 

Jasmine Judge Pic.jpg

Jasmine is the proud owner and founder of The Pole Room- a multi location pole and aerial studio in Melbourne, Australia. Jasmine has been Pole obsessed for the last 14 years and has competed on both a state and national level. More recently Jasmine has become a mumma to 2 year old Jaxon and also become a life coach, her program known as Soul Tribe.

Maendy Judge Pic.jpg
image0 (1).jpeg


Pole Fitness Instructor at Exotic Workouts! Always learning! Pole, Chair, Kangoo, Pole Parties & more! has also collaborated at a super cool Pole app called Fit 2 Flaunt, founded by Shelly Murdock where she shares some of her favorite moves.
She had competed at PSO where she placed first at her category.
She loves traveling, and had the opportunity to danced and trained alongside some of her favorite pole dancers that matches her style during some of her trips around the world.

Mændy Mac is a sexy low flow pole dancer, owner of Pole in the Wall in Springfield, MA and the co-host of Pole on the Call Podcast. In the competitive pole dance world since 2015, Mændy and students she has coached, have won medals from Pole Sport Organization and United States Pole Dance Federation. In 2021, Mændy qualified for PSO Nationals and competed as a finalist in the Artistic Professional Category. Mændy volunteered as a judge for the PSO Northeast Championships in Boston, MA in November, 2021, and is excited to be a judge for The Pole Circus!

Accro Brandon is a Liquid Motion master trainer and has been pole dancing since 2012.
He loves the full gamut of performance, from power and tricks to fluidity, flow, and sexy style.
With a keen eye and an appreciation for technique and movement, he looks forward to seeing what this year's performer/competitors will bring to the stage!

Evette Judge Pic.jpg

EvettesDanceFitnessClub has been teaching pole fitness for 14 years. Evette has been a judge for Exotica in Ft.Lauderdale. Combing her martial arts background, broadway, gymnastics, personal training, aerials and life coaching, she has a teaching program for kids and adults with over a decade of knowledge in pole and over two decades in fitness. She is humbled to be able to do this for a living and is happy to be a part of a community that is so strong and artistic.

AshleyRobinson6 copy.jpg

Ashley Robinson is the owner and head coach of FlexyFit and Aerial Ashletes, out of Dallas, Texas. This dynamic and melanated aerialist and coach loves to train everyBODY and helps people achieve their aerial ambitions in pole, flying pole, lyra, trapeze and aerial yoga. She is the current Athlete Chair for US Pole Sports Federation (USPSF), and she specializes in the coaching of competitors and plus-size aerialists. Promoting body inclusion, better teaching practices, self-advocacy are passions of hers. Ashley is a master nerd and body sorceress with numerous pole/aerial certifications; she’s also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Human Movement Specialist with ten years of experience in fitness, flexibility, dance conditioning, pole and aerial. 

image0 (3).jpeg

Cris started Pole Dancing 7 years ago in the Strip Club.  He learned about Pole Fitness and Pole Sport and fell in love.  For a couple years he taught himself with Youtube videos.  He picked up many bad habits along the way.   XPERT Pole Certified for Level 1 & 2  and 3 & 4. He has competed in PSO and the Pole Circus and continues to perform throughout the year for multiple events. On his spare time he teaches Yoga and Personal Fitness.  He also Podcasts  about Living with HIV . He also enjoys spending time and traveling  with his fiance, step children and three dogs. He is co-creator of The Pole on the Call  Podcast with Maendy Mac where they share pole dancer Interviews, education and more.


My name is Dr. Emily Rausch. I help pole dancers.I'm a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician who specializes in pole dancers. I've been pole dancing for 6 years. Specializing in helping pole dancers learn how to not f*ck up their bodies and unf*ck them when they do. Offering 1:1 Coaching, online courses and webinars. 

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