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The Pole Circus

is an all inclusive virtual International Showcase

& a separate Competition division

uniting performers all across the GLOBE!!

With world renown judges on different continents

all coming together to celebrate the love of our community

All things aerial and pole. 

PRE-RECORDED performances, Not a live event

Home Studio Pixie Fitness


Prizes for Halloween competition

Ultimate Winner: X-Pole 

First place in each division: PT Pole book, Pixie Grip

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             The Pole PT 
Offers ebooks, physical books
Build your own stregth and training program for pole with ultimate science based guide for trainging with pole. Through the conditioning and strengthening virtual courses.
click below on the button to learn more. 

                Pixie Grip
Pixie Grip is a grip used by famous pole dancers and created by Jackie Amendola 
Click the link below to learn more information about Pixie Fitness studios in Pompano FL USA.

          Pretty Girls Pole


#PrettyGirlsPole is a diverse pole dance & fit community founded in 2018 in support of body positivity and personal development through pole, dance and fitness all in one.

We turn Pretty Pole Virgins into Pole Pros!


Wir haben uns mit xpole zusammengetan, wenn Teilnehmer eine erstaunliche professionelle Ausrüstung für die Stangen benötigen, klicken Sie unten auf den Link!

Holen Sie sich hier offizielles Pole Circus Merchandise, bevor es ausverkauft ist!

Willst du eine weitere Show machen? Werfen Sie einen Blick auf Mobscene Shows Virtual Theatre. Überprüfen Sie den Link unten. 

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